Hill Place, Droxford Road, Swanmore, Hampshire SO32 2PY

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Will and Rebecca (and Master Alexander of course) are the ‘owners’ of Hill Place, actually, more caretakers.  Will inherited Hill Place from his Grandmother in March 2009 and continues his day job running his family's farm and the multi-award winning Hill Farm Juice.  He is ably assisted by his wife, Rebecca, and a team of willing helpers known collectively as Team HP.


​Hill Place is first and foremost a private home which gives you a welcoming hug as soon as you walk in - as may the team and dogs!

Hill Place is currently available for sale.


Captain Roger Martin bought the tithing of Hill in 1753 from the neighbouring Midlington estate with the money he gained on capturing two Spanish galleons in 1741. On his death, the estate passed to his niece and then to her son, Richard Goodlad. It is thought that the house was built by him with money made while working for the East India Company.

Hill Place first appears on maps in 1791 with Richard Goodlad returning from India and taking up residence by 1801. It appears to have significant influences of Sir John Soane and there are connections between the two families although proof that Sir John Soane actually designed the house has not yet been established. The estate then passed through several generations. In 1914 the estate (now totalling 1,059 acres and 10 properties) was broken up and sold. The house, park and model farm were bought by a Gosport property developer who maintained ownership from 1916 to 1977, albeit with two intervening sales of the house and park. An annexe was added on the east side of the house in the early 1930's.

In 1977 the house and park were bought by the Will's grandfather. The model farm is now a thriving fruit farm, Hill Farm Orchards. Will and his wife, Rebecca now live in the house with their two horses and two dogs.


Hill Place has been bashed about a bit. Things have been added, other things have been taken off. But it still has its heart and it’s certainly a fighter.

We knew there was a fair bit of work to be done when we ‘took over’ HP. But we are determined that it is our job to restore it to its former glory so it can continue as a beautiful house and home for the next 220 years. This means we have a sizeable ‘to do’ list and every penny made from all the things that happen at Hill Place go to its restoration. 

To date we have rewired, partially re-plumbed, repaired all the windows, re-instated the old back staircase, installed 4 bathrooms, redecorated all bedrooms, claimed back the basement from the hoarders, revamped the kitchen, installed a utility room and pantry, redesigned and redeveloped the garden and restored the painted ceiling in the Morning Room.

All this has been done by no small feat and a team of ever energetic (and forgiving!) helpers and staff who we are permanently indebted to.

But we still have some way to go. We have permission to reinstate the original mansard roof (which we hope to have the money for before the current roof dies), complete refurbishment of the kitchen, install a bathroom and dressing room for the main bedroom, remove the concrete render kindly put there by someone who didn’t (or maybe did) know better, complete the garden, re-fence the park, uncover other painted ceilings currently shielded in delightful modern Dulux, remove the Artex from the Hall ceiling and re-decorate.

Better get to it then.